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* We have over three hundred subcategories and you are welcome to submit to any, however due to a high level of spam submissions to several categories including "health" and "medicine", these are now closed to free regular listings. All submissions require acceptance of the terms and conditions
  • No sites displaying or linking to adult content including escort, pornography or depictions of violence.
  • No sites displaying or linking to gambling or casino related services or content.
  • No drug, alcohol or tobacco related content including prescription drugs and drug paraphernalia.
  • No scam, counterfeit or copyright infringing sites or content.
  • No illegal sites or site displaying or linking to restricted items or content including weapons, ammunition, explosives and fireworks.

Bulk Submission Options

If you have twenty or more websites you wish to submit you can use our bulk submission service, simply contact us and we will send you a spreadsheet template you can complete providing your URL, title, description, category, name and email address. To see the cost for this service please click here.

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